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Let perfection come to you through the eyes of others.

After all, we are all our own worst critics.

I blog here my work, and the occasional repost of anything related to my interests. Arts and animation ahoy!
My Life is Tumblring Before Me

Pug. That is all.
I swear, Sir Davos is just Stannis’s wing man every time somebody screws up his name.

> Tyrions arrested > Tyrion is put on trial > Halfway through the trial, Daenerys Targaryens dragons come and save Tyrion. > Court room is engulfed in flames. > One of the dragons say “Come on imp, ride on my back!” > Tyrion rides on the back on one of them. > The Never Ending Story song plays.  THERE! Doesn’t hurt to have a happy ending for once!

Whats the point of going on anymore?

Godzilla fun.This is how I survive on Public Transport